What Students and Instructors Say About WAC Courses

What students say:

“This course had a big impact on my writing ability and brought my confidence as a writer to a higher point than it was last semester. I see a lot of improvement in my writing not only in this class but in other classes I had this semester as well.

“Writing about the material helped me learn it–not just in short term memorizing but in allowing the information to stick.”

“Writing a lot helps with what you learn in class because it sticks in your mind. Forming papers is not so much of a problem anymore because writing papers is so common in this course. I wouldn’t mind taking another writing intensive course because I feel that it’s a good experience.”


 What instructors say:

“The massive improvement in student writing was absolutely evident between the first and second formal papers that students submitted. I had hoped, when deciding to participate in the WAC pilot, that students would be rewarded for their labor with a marked improvement in their writing abilities, and the improvement I eventually saw vastly exceeded my expectations.”

“More writing resulted in a lively class with numerous exchanges and discussions.”

“The chance to devote more time to writing during class time, with short writing assignments, discussion about the subjects of papers and the brain storming sessions allowed the students to engage more and in an in-depth fashion with the course materials.”



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